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最官方的段落展开逻辑:Topic sentence+ explanation+ for example(反向假设/总结重复Topic sentence)


OUsing traditional cultures as money-making tourist attraction may destroy them . This is because the way they are originally performed needs to be altered to meet the needs of tourists. For example, in order to help audiences easily understand the meaning of a traditional dance, the moves have to be simplified, which as a result leads to the loss of authenticity of traditional art.

解析:上面的一篇满分范文body段节选第一句话,就是主题句—说明我们接下来要写的内容是围绕文化商业化带来的哪些具体的负面影响的。第二句话this is because 表示了解释说明,支持论点句。第三句话For example引出相对应的例子,加以更具体的论证,which as results—首尾呼应,重复了论点。


OIt is important to plan a holiday trip carefully, because it helps people to save money as well as enjoy the vacation better. For example , people need to think about how much money to allot for things including transportation, food, and hotels. In particular , hotels and transportation at peak seasons can be incredibly expensive if not booked with plenty of time in advance. In addition , if tourists make a precise plan to pay a visit to a country during its most important festivals, then they will be able to engage more in local culture and therefore have more memorable experience.

解析:上文节选片段也是遵循的如此“套路”,第一句话—主题句(TS), 从省钱(万能理由)和能更好的享受旅行这两方面提出来提前做好旅行的规划的重要性。那么,下面要展开的内容和例子就要紧紧围绕这两方面去写哦!第二句话例子—旅行时提前对衣食住行等方方面面有一个很详细的预算和安排可以省钱省时间等(支持论点)第三句话,制定一个有效的计划还可以让我们玩儿的更开心,旅行更顺利等。(重申论点,首位呼应)


OOn the one hand, parents play a critically important role in shaping children’s behavior . In other words , educating them to understand the need to obey rules and respect others always begins in the home and is widely thought to be the responsibility of parents. For example , if parents always wait patiently in line to buy a ticket,their children will act in the same manner by imitation. By contrast , children of parents who often run a red light are likely to cause the community a lot of trouble.


例子四: 稳定心态对体育比赛的作用

OOn the other hand, many people believe that a stable and positive mentality, to a great extent, determines the results of sports competitions. More specifically, athletes aiming at winning medals must be able to stay calm throughout the game or not easily give up even in an uphill battle. One of the most obvious examples of this is the shooting competition where the ability to focus on the target and not to be affected by the crowds is far more important than physical strength.



OOn the other hand, difficult hobbies can sometimes be more exciting . If an activity is more challenging, we might feel a greater sense of satisfaction when we manage to do it successfully. For example , film editing is a hobby that requires a high level of knowledge and expertise. In my case , it took me around two years before I became competent at this activity, but now I enjoy it much more than I did when I started. I believe that many hobbies give us more pleasure when we reach a higher level of performance because the results are better and the feeling of achievement is greater.

解析:第一句话提出论点—一些比较有难度的兴趣爱好是非常有意思的。第二句支持论点句—进一步解释说明有难度的兴趣爱好让我们非常有成就感,一旦成功会觉得非常喜悦自信(剑11真题TEST2P3的一篇文章就讲到过这个问题,“It would seem that the brain sees these images as puzzle, and the harder it is to decipher the meaning, the more rewarding is the moment of recognition.就是说当我们的大脑解决了更加困难的难题时,我们会更加的兴奋,更有成就感。这就不难理解,为什么我们以前做高考试卷遇到数学难题时,当我们攻克下来一道题时,总是“上瘾”的继续做下面的题目,往往忘记了吃饭睡觉。




OAnother advantage of going to school at an early age is that children develop faster socially. They make friends and learn how to get on with other children of a similar age. This is often not possible at home because they are the only child, or because their brothers or sisters are older or younger.( 用上学和在家待着作为对比)




写文章其实也是分步骤的,比如我在教课时要求写作班学生先练习的是文章的开头第一段还有第二段(BODY的第一个论点论据),要知道一篇文章的精髓和成败大多数都在前两段了。因为有了第一个清晰明确的论点论据,你还怕写第二个吗?(照猫画虎就好啦)最后一段就是重述观点,首尾呼应。(自然不那么重要了)所以大家在联系的时候可以分清主次,先集中练好内功—前两段再说其他的。 这也是S老师当年在接受BRITISH COUNCIL官方培训时, 考官这样训练我们的方法,亲测非常有效而且高能哦!